Sponsor A Child


Be the guiding light in a child's Madrasah journey. Sponsor now and make a difference.

This is our unique sponsorship opportunity to make a difference in a child's Madrasah journey. With our digital resources, specially designed to assist children in preparing for the Madrasah Entrance Test, you can play a vital role in their educational success. By sponsoring, you will provide them with access to our comprehensive revision packs for four subjects (Sgd40) or three versions of Mock MET papers (Sgd55) - all conveniently available in digital format.

Not only will your sponsorship empower these children with the necessary tools for success, but it will also bring joy and relief to their parents. We understand that financial constraints can sometimes hinder educational opportunities, which is why we are committed to broadcasting this sponsorship opportunity on our social media platforms. We hope to create a brighter future for these deserving individuals. Send us a private message to express your interest.


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