Arabic Reading Club

  Learning Arabic Through Stories

The Arabic Reading Club (ARC) - an innovative initiative by The Safaa Safiyyah Publication.

Our mission is to foster a connection with the Arabic language, all while igniting a love for reading through captivating storytelling. At ARC, we believe that the key to understanding a language lies in constant exposure through storybooks. With an extensive collection of Arabic storybooks, we are guaranteed a wide range of engaging narratives that can help achieve our goal.

We strive to enhance their fluency and comprehension skills, ensuring their progress as confident Arabic speakers one day. Each student will have the opportunity to practice reading aloud, fostering self-expression and confidence in using the Arabic language. Our experienced instructor(s) will guide and support students throughout this journey. We will also engage students with hands on learning with online dictionary and also bite sized Arabic grammar. 


We are currently conducting ARC online via 4 separate sessions to cater to various age groups and students' schedules: 

Mondays   5pm to 630pm     for 9yo onwards (Growing Readers I)

Fridays      5pm to 630pm     for 8yo onwards (Growing Readers II)

Saturdays  830am to 10am   for 9yo onwards (Growing Readers III)

Saturdays  10am to 1130am  for 5yo onwards (Young Readers)

Fee: Sgd80 a month (4 sessions) and a one-time admin fee of Sgd20 


Register with us today and embark on an enriching journey that will transform your child's relationship with the language forever.



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